Obamacare may be headed back to the Supreme Court

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Today the Supreme Court reinstated a lawsuit to Obamacare which had been previously thrown out by a lower court. This means Obamacare is back in the court system and will likely make it all the way back to the Supreme Court sometime next year.

  The issue this time aroundis the constitutionality of the contraception mandate as well as the mandate that all companies which employ 50 or more people be required to offer approved and adequate (according to the government) healthcare insurance.

  I have one question about this issue and it is a simple one, what’s the point?

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About Dean Garrison

Dean Garrison is a father of five, who faithfully pursues the American Dream. In the greatest country on earth there are hypocrites and liars abound, and he tries to expose them one at a time. It's time to get rid of the servant leaders who treat us as slaves.
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  1. Steve Dennis says:

    Thanks for the reblog!

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