Multi-Trillion Dollar Debt… put into perspective

J. Thomas Parker

Everyone is probably sick of hearing about the debt ceiling debacle, but I think one thing that’s missing is a little perspective. It’s hard to comprehend a trillion dollars here and a trillion dollars there, but what if we took those numbers and put them in terms an everyday person can understand? So, how about some perspective on these crazy numbers and the whole situation?

Let’s say I make $50,000 per year. This year, I plan to spend $87,841.45, which is clearly more than my income, so I need to borrow more money, which I plan to use to cover the difference through next year. I’m currently $329,923.36 in debt, but I ask the bank to raise my credit line at least $55,000 (although I’d prefer to raise it $69,000).

Think about that: I make 50,000; I owe $329,923; I want to add at least $55,000 more to what I…

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About Dean Garrison

Dean Garrison is a father of five, who faithfully pursues the American Dream. In the greatest country on earth there are hypocrites and liars abound, and he tries to expose them one at a time. It's time to get rid of the servant leaders who treat us as slaves.
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