I stumbled upon this article that I absolutely loved. I think a lot of Americans, including myself, are asking themselves this very same question. Enjoy and let me know what you think. –Dean

My Thoughts From the Middle

I’ve officially had it with the Republican Party. I’m so tired of us turning on our own and eating them for breakfast, and really why ?, we are the ones that pick these people and when they don’t perform the way we think they should we then attack them. Well hello folks start putting up true conservative candidates and we just might not have this issue, we also need to shut up the voices that keep telling us to move to the center, that is not what we need. We need to put up candidates that can properly explain what they believe and why it is the best choice for our country, in other words we need to define ourselves and not let the MSM and the liberals do it for us. However I digress from what really set me off this morning.  Mitt Romney made a statement that is…

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About Dean Garrison

Dean Garrison is a husband and father of six, who faithfully pursues the American Dream. He has been MOSTLY self-employed for the last 20+ years and has been a top earner, executive and leader for several direct sales companies.
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